Sunday, November 13, 2016

A New Dawn

In Football Manager 2013, I logged over 1000 hours as I couldn't bring myself to play 14 or 15, even though I purchased them. I dabbled in 16, but 17 really has me hooked. In previous incarnations, I always played as Manchester United, as they are my favorite team. However this time around, I couldn't bring myself to play as them, too many faults in the squad that I will let AI Jose deal with.

Thus enter Southampton, who have a generous transfer budget to start the season, a good spine, and exciting youth prospects. It is henceforth my mission to see what becomes of this save. As I start this blog, it is already December 2016 in the game. I will post a couple screenshots now of the squad and current results.

I am an avid fan of scouting and finding wonderkids, so I will also post screenshots of those that I find. Furthermore, I can't ever bring myself to sim any part of the game, so sometimes it is slow going. I always start as a suit and tie manager with the highest qualifications. 4-2-3-1 Wide is my preferred formation.

This has most definitely been inspired by The Set Piece's and Iain Macintosh's championship manager Everton save.
James Ward-Prowse has been tempted by Chelsea and will play no further part in my squad. 

Team instructions.

Current standings & competition progress.

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